Odessa Coat of Arms

Odessa anti-crisis humanitarian center

Humanitarian aid for south region of Ukraine under Odessa city council

Gennadiy Trukhanov

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Gennadiy Trukhanov, the Mayor of Odesa, Ukraine. I am writing you to inquire for humanitarian aid.

On February 24th, 2022, Russian Federation began full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

As of March 21st, 2022, for almost a month we are witnessing shelling and bombing of cities, towns, villages of Ukraine. Having many wounded; not only the military but also civilians, including children are being killed. One of these cities being attacked is Odesa.

We have a catastrophic situation with the provision of medicines, food and hygiene products.

All medicines, food and hygiene products received by the Odesa City Council will be immediately transferred without any commercialization or sale to people and hospitals of Odesa, refugees, and to other towns and cities in Ukraine, which are safe to reach now.

On my behalf from the office of my Adviser on Humanitarian issues will inquire you for more detailed list of help we require.

We believe in your understanding of the difficult situation of Ukraine, which opposes the large army of the aggressor, and we will be grateful for all the help.

The Mayor of Odesa,
Gennadiy Trukhanov

In order to collect humanitarian aid we organized logistic hub in Constanta (Romania), that is brotherhood city of Odessa

Hub in Constanta, Romania

Contacts in Romania, Constanta

SC Comvad Distribution Serv SRL

Romania, Constanta, bdul Aurel Vlaicu, nr.145
+40 (723) 750 899 Viacheslav
+38 (067) 486 69 69 Inna

Our needs:


  1. Grains
  2. Pastas
  3. Canned meat/fish/vegetables (all kinds of canned goods)
  4. Long-shelf dairy products
  5. Dietary supplements
  6. Baby food
  7. Biscuits/hardtacks
  8. Cereals, granolas, oatmeal
  9. Instant noodles/pasta
  10. Energy/chocolate bars
  11. Coffee/tea
  12. Sugar
  13. Biscuits/chocolate/cookies

Hygiene products:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Dishwashing liquid
  3. Antibacterial wet wipes
  4. Razors/shaving foams
  5. Deodorants/shampoos/shower gels/antibacterial soap/ baby soap
  6. Bug sprays
  7. Sanitizer
  8. Toothpaste/toothbrushes
  9. Diapers for children and adults

Children's products:

  1. Baby food and diapers
  2. Sterilizers
  3. Baby strollers
  4. Cribs
  5. Mattresses for children's beds
  6. Children's bed linen
  7. Feeding bottles
  8. Pacifiers

Medical products:

  • Military:
    1. Tourniquets (hemostatic tourniquets)/combat application tourniquet (GEN 7);
    2. Israeli bandage;
    3. Decompression needle – Celox/other topical hemostatic agent;
    4. Hemostatic sponges and bandages;
    5. Hydrogel and hydrogel dressings;
    6. Scissors and tactical blanket;
    7. Nasopharyngeal tubes;
    8. Limb immobilization devices;
    9. Occlusive dressing;
    10. Immobilization scarf (triangle);
    11. Tranixanoic acid in ampules;
    12. AMBU bag;
    13. Tonometers (mechanical and automatic);
    14. Thermometers, pulse oximeters;
    15. Laryngoscopes;
    16. Lightweight stretcher;
    17. Military first aid kit pouches;
    18. Esmarch bandage.
  • Civilian:
    1. Anti-cold teas
    2. Painkillers in amps and tablets
    3. Antipyretic in amps and tablets (for adults, children, infants)
    4. Nose, eyes, ears – drops, sprays
    5. Antihistamines (tablets, drops, sprays)
    6. Antispasmodics
    7. Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs
    8. Zink containing and antifungal ointments and sprays
    9. Broad-spectrum antibiotic tablets
    10. L-thyroxine, Euthyrox (various dosage)
    11. Antropin
    12. Betadine
    13. Amoxicillin
    14. Wound dressings
    15. Surgical aspirators
    16. Limb fixation devices
  • Equipment:
    1. Postmortem bags
    2. Hospital mattresses
    3. Wheelchairs
    4. Hospital beds
    5. Patient Vital monitors
    6. Defibrillators (nozzles)
    7. Vacuum therapy devices (+ VAC consumables)
    8. Oxygen masks
    9. Artificial lung ventilation devices
    10. Illizarov apparatus
    11. Soft stretchers
    12. Frameless stretchers
    13. Fans
    14. Coolers
    15. Tents, etc

Generators and fuel

  1. Important: we need diesel fuel; the sowing campaign is about to start.
  2. Fuel and lubricants
  3. Electric generators

Tactical gear:

  1. Unloading Molly system
  2. Pouches of all kinds
  3. Dump bags
  4. Tactical first aid kits
  5. Tactical gloves
  6. Knee pads + elbow pads
  7. Tactical shirts
  8. Tactical T-shirts
  9. Boots
  10. Carpets
  11. Buffs
  12. Tactical backpacks
  13. Tactical glasses
  14. Tactical flashlights
  15. Tactical Pants & Jackets
  16. Tactical belt
  17. Trekking socks
  18. Field panamas
  19. Sleeping bags
  20. Thermal underwear
  21. Fleece sweaters

Invoice delails

Name in SWIFT format Meaning
:56: Intermediary Institution:
(Correspondent Bank)
Raiffeisen Bank International AG,
Vienna, Austria
:57: Account with Institution:
(Benificiary's bank)
1 55 092 357
Dnipro, Ukraine
IBAN (if required)
:59: Beneficiary customer:
(Recipient of Funds)
UA723071230000026009020795531 ,
:70: Details of Payment:
(Purpose of Payment)
(Pre)payment acc. Contract N _____dated ___________for
:72: Sender to receiver information:
(Information for the recipient)
Additional Correspondent Banks
:56: Intermediary Institution:
(Correspondent Bank)
Unicredit Bank AG,
Munich, Germany
:57: Account with Institution:
(Benificiary's bank)
Dnipro, Ukraine
Name in SWIFT format Meaning
:56: Intermediary Institution:
(Correspondent Bank)
New York, USA
:57: Account with Institution:
(Benificiary's bank)
Dnipro, Ukraine
IBAN (if required)
:59: Beneficiary customer:
(Recipient of Funds)
UA723071230000026009020795531 ,
:70: Details of Payment:
(Purpose of Payment)
(Pre)payment acc. Contract N _____dated ___________for
:72: Sender to receiver information:
(Information for the recipient)
ПАТ "Банк Восток"
Организацiя: Одеська обласна организацiя Товариства Червоного Хреста Украïни
ЄДРПОУ: 02940291
п/р: UA353071230000026008010795531

Contact in Ukraine, Odessa

Mykola Viknianskiy

Advisor of the major of Odessa

+380 67 480 49 76